Newsy Stuff that Caught My Eye 

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From Wines & Vines:

"The number of wineries in North America grew at a faster pace in 2014, as 599 net new wineries were in business, or 7.1% more than in 2013, when winery growth was just 4.3%. Wines & Vines magazine reports this sign of a booming wine economy in its 2015 Directory & Buyers Guide, along with thousands of other data points and 12 other extensive content sections.

The total number of wineries in North America rose to 8,990. The U.S. accounted for 525 new wine producers.
California was home to 3,913 wineries, or 47% of the U.S. total."

From an October Beverage Media Group interview:

"Another unique aspect of the Older Millennial group is that they are not exactly humble. More than other age groups, they rated their own wine knowledge as being significantly higher than that of other generations – at a “Connoisseur” level. Whereas more than half of the other groups rated their wine knowledge as “Intermediate” – meaning, they “know the basics about wine.”

"Older Millennials are also more adventurous. When asked about whether they agree with statements like “I think it is fun to try out new wines I’m not familiar with” and “I like to try the most unusual wines, even if I’m not sure I will like them, both Millennial groups indicated that they are the most likely to try new wines. Gen Xers scored lower than Millennials, but higher than Boomers, when it comes to interest in new wines."

“Americans are buying more wine than ever without going to a wine store. Direct-to-consumer sales increased 66 percent from 2010 to 2015, with 4.3 million cases valued at nearly $2 billion shipped directly from wineries to consumers last year.”

That’s according to an annual survey by ShipCompliant, a firm that helps wineries negotiate the legal labyrinth of direct shipping.